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Marianne M. Smit, born in Amsterdam


Pedagogical Academy, Gerrit Rietveld Academy
Attended special classes with the famous Dutch artist Ploos van Amstel

Studied hypnotherapy, dream work counseling and attended classes with the Foundation Dr.E.Kubler-Ross, Greg Furth and Congruent
Communication at the centre Eyelevel of Riki and Klaas Prins (psychotherapists)

Started as a professional artist and teacher,
Later on as a therapist, counsellor and mediator
Her work is in private and public property in Europe and Australia
Has regular exhibitions in Holland and Europe
Lived and worked for a long time in Italy (Tuscany)
She lives and works in the Netherlands, in the town of Zutphen
From time to time she presents workshops and courses in painting and drawing techniques, portrait painting and healing painting
She works on assignment making portraits and so on

I try to express myself by line, form, language and colour of what is happening in my life.
Following the processes of situations in myself, my environment and vice versa.
I am using different techniques, this is always an adventure.
It is the passion and my curiosity for what is happening in the world around me, that gives me the drive.
Working in an experimental way is important to me

The last years l am working with mixed media.
It means working with different materials like acrylic paint, chalk, pen and ink. It makes the surface of the work more alive.
I am using for the collages all kind of materials: paper, fabrics, pieces of my own 'by me rejected' paintings and drawings.
All this together with the different kind of colours is magic.

Special Projects
1989 – Commission for a calendar for the ‘Nederlandse spaarbanken’ (Dutch bank company)
2002 – Special Prize for Abstract Art, given by the critics of the Manifestation ‘Arte in Continuum’ in Florence (Italy)
2011 – Commission for a calendar for the pharmaceutique company Neocorp in Germany


"small pack of art" is a national art event in which I also participate.

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